Full Arch Dentist
Crane, Missouri

Do you have multiple damaged or missing teeth? Full Mouth Restoration (also referred to as rehabilitation, reconstruction, or simply “FMR”) is the process where Dr. Burpo restores your smile through a comprehensive step-by-step approach. Our office in Crane can help to dramatically change your life with full arch dental implants.

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During full mouth restoration, we’ll consider things like:

  • Which teeth can be repaired or restored?
  • What teeth need to be replaced?
  • Are there existing oral health conditions to address?
  • Combining single or multi-tooth restorations for overall benefit

What’s Involved?

Evaluation and Consult — During your initial examination, Dr. Burpo will evaluate your oral health, underlying risk factors and determine which types of treatment (or combination of therapies) can address the issues at hand. Reconstruction can also enhance the appearance of your smile, so aesthetic characteristics will be considered just as much as functional needs.

Case Planning — At this point, we’ll present all of the viable options to you. Your treatment plan will outline the different restorative options you have to choose from, the number of appointments involved, and even the costs associated with your therapy. Our treatment coordinators can also provide an estimate on your applicable insurance coverage and review flexible financing options.

Treatment — Once you’ve decided on which treatment is best for your full mouth restoration needs, we’ll schedule the appointment(s) to complete those services. Our Crane dentist office also provides in-house sedation if you’re looking for the most comfortable experience possible!

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Full mouth restoration is unique, in that we restore multiple teeth at one time to rehabilitate your entire bite. That way everything is streamlined to fit and function together properly. A comprehensive approach (as opposed to tooth-by-tooth reconstruction) will give you the best outcome, both functionally and aesthetically!

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